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Sweet Recovery

My name is Emily. I am a self harmer, this is my blog about things I can relate to and most of the time things I am feeling at the moment. I love bands, erm you can talk to me anytime. (kik- emilyloffsyou) Message me anytime. Love you guys <3


i honestly want to try and get better. i have been talking to alot of my followers today and to the two people who said i should do something like this. here you go. i dont want to go to my blades everytime im sad, and thanks to my followers.. i dont have to. i know most of you are here for me and i want to get better for all of you. but. my blades have been with me for a long time and im not just going to get rid of them just like that but. if this actually does get 2000 likes/reblogs, i will flush all my blades. i have about 14 of them. this is a really big step for me. and i am going to try my hardest to not get blades after i flush these because honestly after i was in the hospital, it occurred to me that.. i didnt get to tell all the people that cared what i wanted to tell them. i havent been able to do everything i wanted to. and whoever blogs/likes this i am going to write your blog name down and put them in a jar. and sometime when i get upset or sad, i am personally going to message you, thanking you for helping me flush my blades. because if i do flush them. your blog or like will count and i want you to know that. so honestly i will flush them if i get that many blogs.

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